About the project

Project Team :
prof. JUDr. Anna Bandlerová, PhD., anna.bandlerova@uniag.sk
doc. JUDr. Lucia Palšová,PhD., lucia.palsova@uniag.sk
doc. JUDr. Ing. Jarmila Lazíková, PhD., jarmila.lazikova@uniag.sk
doc. Ing. Artan Qineti,PhD. , artan.qineti@uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Pavol Schwarcz, PhD., pavol.schwarcz@uniag.sk
prof. Ing. Marcela Capcarová, PhD., marcela.capcarova@uniag.sk
Ing. Bc. Ina Melišková, PhD., ina.meliskova@uniag.sk to - 1.2.2020
Ing. Zuzana Bohátová, PhD., zuzana.bohatova@uniag.sk since - 1.2.2020

With the purpose to improve the CAP implementation in Slovakia, the main aim of the project is to perform the interdisciplinary research in the field of the effectiveness of CAP implementation in Slovakia with the specific objectives to discuss and advise local, regional, national policymakers and decision-makers on different aspects of the CAP implementation, transfer the research results and the expertise to the practice and to disseminate the project outcomes among interested target groups and civil society.
Activities of the proposed project will be realized through the following outputs: 
-    project website (updated continuously during and after project lifetime);
-    six thematically practical manuals related to the CAP published during project lifetime; 
-    report about the research results published once a year; 
-    six thematically workshops for stakeholders and interested students, graduates organized during project lifetime;
-    three roundtables for policymakers, decision-makers, academics organized during the project lifetime; 
-    five scientific papers/posters published each year; 
-    international conference for academics, stakeholders, policymakers and decision-makers organised once per project lifetime;
-    participation of researchers in the international conferences in Portugal once per project lifetime; 
-    study visit of researchers to the Council for Rural Law in France once per project lifetime.

Outcomes of the proposed project are: 
-    reinforced research activities related to the CAP implementation in Slovakia;
-    improved proper implementation of the CAP by the stakeholders (farmers, food processors and professional groups) and potential stakeholders (students, graduates);
-    improved policy and decision-making processes in the field of agricultural policy at the local, regional, national level;
-    increased recognisability and visibility of the association in the international professional environment.

Impact at the national and/or international level 
-    promotion of excellence of research in the field of the CAP; 
-    understanding of the CAP as a socio-economic and environmental instrument directed to the sustainable food and agriculture in Slovakia and the EU;
-    harmonization of policies and actions related to agricultural management in Slovakia and the EU; 
-    increasing awareness of diverse target groups of the importance of agriculture and its proper governance in the EU.